Information for Visitors

We ask visitors to follow these guidelines to ensure that the patient environment remains safe, calm, and supportive of healing.

- Plan to visit during visiting hours.
- If you have any questions ask either the front desk or information desk.
- No smoking in any patient’s room.
- Safeguard your valuables, such as purses.
- Protect and respect the privacy of all patients.
- Be sensitive to the patient's condition and limit the visit accordingly.
- Speak quietly and help limit noise. - Follow staff instructions in times of emergency or special situations.
- Please cooperate with all requests from hospital staff. There may be times when visitors are asked to temporarily leave a patient's room or change locations while a patient is being attended to.


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Information for Patient

An outpatient Visit (What to expect)

Following the registration of the patient, s/he will be directed to the nursing triage for vital signs assessment and also to see if the reason for the visit is particularly relevant to the physician. The patient will then go to the physician’s room to give full medical history and undertake a physical examination. This process takes 20-30 minutes per patient giving the patient enough time to present complaints and the physician the required time to make the proper assessment. Washington Healthcare Center strongly believes in offering about half an hour per patient for effective physical examination and history taking. With the impression the physician will have from the initial physical exam and medical history, the physician will then determine if additional investigation such as laboratory, radiology, or other tests is required. The patient shall receive treatment in a form of doctor advice, medication, surgery, health education, and other therapy. Whenever needed, the patient may also be referred to another doctor with a relevant specialty for better care and management. A patient who requires follow-up will be given advice and an appointment as to when to return to his/her doctor. If required, the physician and/or the nursing staff would make a follow-up phone call to the patient to assess progress and answer any questions the patient may have.

Upon admission

At WMC we offer our patients high-quality nursing care – dedicated ward nurses care for patients on a 1:3 nurse / patient ratio. We have a choice of single, double or triple rooms. All our rooms are designed with patient comfort and safety in mind.

Whats expected from our patients;
. To make sure you use the call bell if your condition changes and you need help.
. To make sure your doctor knows about all medicines you are taking-prescriptions or over-the-counter.
. To make sure your doctor knows about any allergies and adverse reactions you have had to medicines.
. To make sure you share all your health information with your doctor.
. To consult with your nurse before taking a walk. Otherwise, remain on your room at all times.

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