Laboratory Medicine


The Laboratory Medicine Department has been established since 2014 and equipped with state-of-the-art, advanced and fully automated instruments to provide high quality and reliable laboratory services to our valued customers.

Private Clinics, Medical Centers, and Hospitals are invited to have direct access to our laboratory services as well as hematology consultations without the need of sending their patients to our facility.

Test results and other related reports will be directly delivered to the Physician-in-charge through the internet in timely manner. Critical and panic values will immediately be reported by phone without any delay.

The work in the Department is directed and closely supervised by Dr. Gasmelbari Mustafa, an expert hematologist, who is also the Head of our Hematology Department, in coordination with the laboratory manager and senior laboratory technologist Mr. Nathan . The work in the lab is run by a group of expert technologists, technicians and phlebotomists who have been carefully selected, and undergo continuous monitoring, competency, and proficiency evaluation checks.

The range of services delivered by the department has been designed to provide the clinicians with reliable laboratory results and consultations in the following settings:

  • Aid in the diagnosis of various disease states
  • Consistently organized for timely, and high quality completion of both routine and urgent laboratory assays of patients’ specimens.
  • Follow-up of patients who are already on treatment.
  • Our laboratory is one of a few laboratories being supervised by a resident expert specialist.
  • Our lab accepts requests from other health facilities and arranges sample collection from them and the delivery of test results online to the physician-in-charge.
  • Periodic check-up profiles designed for various age and sex groups
  • Issuance of fitness certificates for recruitment, renewal of contracts, visa and immigration purpose.