WMC– Bole Rwanda Branch


The Bole Rwanda branch of Washington Medical Center (WMC) is located in a compound of more than 2,500 sq. meters in the heart of Bole Sub City just in front of the Rwanda Embassy, WHC is conveniently located at a 5 minutes distance (by road) from Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. The building is owned by WHC.

The center has dedicated space for registration and reception of patients and health care seekers, emergency services, examination rooms, offices, patient admission facilitation outlet, laboratory, and staff duty rooms. It also has a purpose-built radiologic imaging center, in-patient wards, and other utility rooms. It has considered the functional relationship of its services while constructing and renovating the medical center.


WMC brings a safe environment to patient care and comprises facilities like a comfortable waiting area with educational and entertainment services playing constantly on fixed television (TV) sets, free Wi-Fi connection, 24x7 CCTV assisted security surveillance systems, etc. The center is equipped with a backup generator ensuring a seamless flow of work. All patient rooms have self-contained bathrooms, toilets, and LCD TVs in addition to the standard guest rest area and seating arrangements. Its goal is to make sure its patients get their treatment in a safe, convenient and comfortable setting. 


The building offers dedicated parking spaces for patients and visitors inside the compound and additional street parking monitored by security personnel. In-house cafeteria service is available for use by patients, visitors, and staff at a dedicated seating and green area of the compound. Staffed by housekeeping staff 24 hours a day, WHC maintains the cleanliness of the facility regularly. The facility undertakes controlled and supervised collection, transportation, and disposal of the health facility wastes. This activity is overseen by the Infection Prevention Officer of the medical center.