Organization and Management

The overall management and governance of WHC are as per the requirement of Ethiopia’s Standard Agency ES: 3614:2012. The operation of the medical center is overseen by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who reports to the general assembly of the shareholders. The CEO oversees both technical and administrative functions of the WHC with the support of the Chief Clinical Officer, Chief Quality Officer, and the respective Department Heads who constitute WHC’s management committee. The incumbent CEO of Washington Healthcare PLC is Dr. Markos Feleke.



Dr. Markos Feleke                             
Chief Executive Officer of WHC

A Doctor of Medicine and a Master of Public Health, Dr. Markos is a Public Health Specialist and a successful entrepreneur, based in Ethiopia. He has over two decades of work experience in health and social development sectors with public and private organizations in the U.S.A., Africa, and Europe. Dr. Markos is also the Chief Executive Officer of ABH Partners PLC, an international development consulting organization, and the President of Ethiopian Healthcare Federation, an umbrella organization of all non-state/private stakeholders supporting, the Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Health in augmenting health indicators of Ethiopia. Dr. Markos was actively involved as a Health Expert in designing, implementing, and roll-out HIV and TB programs supported by the US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) and the Global Fund to fight TB, Malaria, and HIV. He has a comprehensive understanding of the Ethiopian Health context. Dr. Markos brings a combination of knowledge, experience, and skills to contribute to the transformation of Washington Healthcare into a state-of-the-art healthcare facility in Ethiopia.


      Dr. Fassil Teffera,MD            
General Manager/Chief Medical Officer 


       Dr. Gasmelbari Mustafa            
Chief Quality Officer


       Mr. Wudu Adege             
Admin and Finance Director


        Mr. Abel Girma            
Finance Manager


    Eyosyas Tesfaye 
Operation Manager         


       Ms. Meron Kiflemariam             
Branch Manager